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Air Source System

Imagine being able to pull heat right out of the air around you and use it to warm your home. This intriguing new technology can even heat your water. Here’s how it works…

Air Source Heat Pumps absorb heat from the air outside your home and concentrate it. Think of it as a refrigerator in reverse.

Air source heating is highly effective. It will continue to heat your home even in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius!

An air source heat pump is an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver constant heat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The heat it produces is at a lower temperature than a gas or electric radiator (this is why it can be left to run 24/7). And as a result the radiators in your home will never feel hot to the touch.

There are 2 types of air source heat pump system. They are…

  1. Air to water
  2. Air to air

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The benefits of air source heating are…

  • Lower fuel bills – especially if you currently have electric heating
  • Lower your home’s carbon footprint
  • Does not require fuel deliveries
  • May also heat your home’s water
  • Needs little maintenance
  • May be easier to install than a ground source heat pump

The Department of Energy has announced the Renewable Heating Incentive to provide financial support and encourage the uptake of renewable and low carbon heat technologies like ground source heating.

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